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Uusi, siirrettävä Refmax45 ilmastointilaite varaa jäähdytysenergiaa ja hämmästyttää hiljaisuudellaan


The new, portable air conditioner Refmax45 stores cooling energy and amazes with its silence


Convincing silence

Refair Oy introduces the RefMax45 portable air conditioner to the Finnish market. The new air conditioner unit Refmax45 stores cooling and heating energy while using evaporative cooling compressor technology to remove the heat energy from the water by forming ice into the units’s tank, with a minimum temperature of – 6C degrees. Refmax45 is notably more silent than a traditional air conditioner. When cooling a room, energy is released  almost silently(33-40dBA) while air passes through melting ice, where the heat exchange makes the air colder. You can even sleep next to the device!

Highly technological user-friendly package

After the three-hour charging phase, you can use the cooling function up to 10 hours or alternatively few hours of heating function.  The air temperature can be chosen between 15C-32C degrees. The humidity of the air is removable by using the dehumidification function, during which the dehumidification temperature is set between +20C- 30C degrees. The condensation is removed automatically after every cooling or heating function. As a refrigerant it uses environmentally friendly propane R290.

The RefMax45 is completely hoseless and with movable wheels, thus easily movable from room to room. The machine doesn’t require any window kits, separate installations or ducting. The stylish design with two different color options makes the machine fit  into any interior design. The clear LED display shows all the necessary information and can be controlled with a separate, user-friendly application, that can be downloaded via a Wi-Fi network. In addition, Refmax45 has a timer for cold and heat storage, as well as a separate timing for cooling, dehumidification, heating and ventilation functions.

NO installations, low sound level, elegant design and user friendliness, all in ONE package!

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